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These GENERAL VEHICLE RENTAL CONDITIONS (hereinafter referred to as “General Conditions”) will regulate the contractual relationship between RICH ACEITE S.L. (hereinafter referred to as “MAJOR CARS or the Lessor”) and the paying customer (hereinafter referred to as the “Lessee”), whereby the former assigns to the latter the use of a vehicle (hereinafter referred to as the “Vehicle”) for the term, price and other conditions stipulated by the parties in the rental agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”), which will be made and signed at the lessor.


If there is a discrepancy between the content of any point of the General Conditions and that of the particular ones signed between the parties, the latter will prevail. It is the Renter’s responsibility to carry a copy of this agreement in a visible place at all times in the Vehicle.

1. Object of the contract

It is the rental without a driver of the Vehicle described in the particular conditions of the Contract for the private transport of passengers and their luggage, in compliance with all the General Conditions established in this document.

2. Rental Period

Delivery (Check-Out), return (Check-In) and extension: The minimum rental period will be 1 day (24 hours) and the maximum will be established in the Contract. Rental days will be counted in 24-hour periods, granting MAJOR CARS a courtesy period of 60 minutes from the date and time of Vehicle Registration provided in the Contract. In case of non-compliance with the previous period, it will authorize the Lessor to collect the rental amount from the termination of the contract until the return of the Vehicle, according to the Current General Tariff, established in the Price Table attached to the Contract, mileage, damages and a penalty for the economic damages caused, adding that amount every day from the date Check-in should have taken place until the Vehicle is returned or recovered and prepared.
If you abandon the Vehicle, in addition to the above, you will be charged a vehicle recovery fee plus all expenses and costs arising from its recovery.
Checking-in before the end of the period will not return or reimburse the Lessee any amount of the price subscribed to the Contract, as it is considered a unilateral termination of the Contract by the Lessee.
If the Lessee does not comply with any of the points established in the general or particular Conditions set out in the Contract, the Lessor reserves the right to remove the Vehicle from the Lessee at any time, and the Lessor may claim damages.
For operational reasons to review the Vehicle, the Lessor reserves the right to replace the Vehicle with another one with similar characteristics at any time, informing the Lessee in advance.
The Check-Out and Check-in will take place at the MAJOR CARS units where the Contract was signed, under the terms and conditions stipulated in the particular conditions of the Contract.
In case the Registration is not carried out or the Vehicle is abandoned, the Lessee will be charged the additional cost of the Vehicle recovery rate plus all the expenses and costs derived from the recovery together with the rental days due, according to the General Rate in force, established on the website – or the Lessor’s facilities in the periods understood from the time established in the Contract as Check-In until the effective recovery and preparation of the Vehicle.

2.1. Contract extension

The Lessee must notify expressly in writing, going to the MAJOR CARS office where the Contract was concluded at any time before the end of the rental period established in the Contract, according to the provisions of the conditions. The minimum extension period will be at least 1 day (24 hours) and may be extended according to the particular conditions of the Contract and of the contracted Vehicle. Under no circumstances can the price at the beginning of the Contract be used to extend it. In the event that the Lessee wishes to keep the Vehicle longer than the initially agreed time, the Lessee undertakes to obtain prior express authorization from the Lessor and to immediately pay the amount of the additional deposit for said extension, being the applicable price for the rental extension period and to pay immediately the amount of the additional deposit for that extension, the price applicable to the rental extension period being the one indicated in the Current General Tariff, established on the MAJOR CARS website or facilities or other means it considers. The owner reserves the right to reject the request for extensions for operational reasons. The use of the Vehicle after the end of the rental period or its extension will be understood as unauthorized use in the mandatory sense.

3. Driver(s)

The renter and additional drivers must be at least 18 years old and present a European ID or passport and driver’s license, both valid throughout the rental period, in physical, legible and good condition and accepted by Spanish law. Driving licenses valid for EU and EEA citizens (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) are accepted by law and valid for driving in Spain. Authorizations issued in third countries will be accepted if they meet the requirements of art. 21 of the General Regulation of drivers; provided that the permit is valid, the holder is of the age required in Spain to obtain an equivalent Spanish permit and that a period of no more than six months has passed since the holder acquires normal residence in Spain.
In all other cases, an international permit will be required along with a valid driver’s license issued by the country of origin. For further information, we recommend that you consult the website of the General Directorate of Traffic in Spain (DGT): DGT – Driving licenses valid in Spain or contact directly the Spanish consulate of the country where your license is issued. It will be the customer’s responsibility to make the necessary checks to find out if their driving license is valid to drive in Spanish territory. Driving licenses in electronic or digital format will be accepted in official applications, but photo or copy format will not be accepted. Establishing at point 9.1. Young driver cover (between 18 and 25 years, both inclusive) and additional driver (second driver and third driver).

4. Maintenance of the Vehicle

The Renter receives the Vehicle in perfect condition and must keep it in good condition, not allowing any modification, neither exterior nor interior, if there is any type of modification, returning it to its original condition plus any damages. will be charged.To the Tenant. Repairs in the workshop or replacement of spare parts may only be carried out with the express written authorization of the Lessor. No repair expenses will be reimbursed except with the prior agreement and acceptance by the Lessor of the budget and the repair shop. In the absence of such express and written agreement, it shall be the exclusive responsibility of the Hirer to pay such expenses, both for the workshop and for spare parts.

5. Identification of the Vehicle

The Renter must keep the MAJOR CARS identification stickers and license plate holders in the Rental Vehicle for identification purposes. The removal of these items will incur a restitution surcharge plus the payment of any administrative penalty imposed for this concept. According to certain municipal ordinances, you must place in a visible place, at all times, the document handed over to you showing that the Vehicle is rented, if you do not comply with the said obligation, you must assume the respective penalty and pay. the administration expenses established in point 13.

6. Found objects

The Lessee must empty the Vehicle of personal belongings. The Lessor is not responsible for any objects found in the Vehicle. Without prejudice to the above, any object found in the Vehicle may be sent to the renter upon express request and in writing to majorcars.calpe@gmail.com. In this case, the Lessor will charge a fee for managing the sending of the objects in addition to the costs of remitting them, which will be fully borne by the Lessee.

7. In case of damage or accident outside the agreed rental period

Once the contractual relationship between the Renter and the Lessor (hereinafter referred to as the Parties) has ended, the Renter will be responsible for 100% of the payment of repairs and expenses caused to the Vehicle.

8. Prices and Fees

The prices of the Contract will be adjusted to the Current General Rate which is exposed to the public at the facilities, MAJOR CARS websites or other means that the Lessor considers, in the content of which it is expressly mentioned that he knows the Lessee in advance. to this contract, especially those relating to the type of vehicle and class of contract that is signed between the parties. All prices will be indicated and evaluated in euros (€). The fuel price will be detailed at the time of signing the Contract between the parties, due to the fluctuation of the fuel price it is impossible for us to inform you in these General Conditions about its value.

9. Coverage

The lessor offers you different coverages with varying rates, specifying the following: All Groups/Segments have: Basic CDW insurance: includes basic insurance and civil liability, bringing a damage deductible, the value of which depends on the category of the rented vehicle, the differentiation of the categories in seven Groups/Segments (specifying them in the particular conditions of the Contract). If the optional cover (MAJOR CARS PREMIUM COVER) is not contracted, we will block an amount that will vary from €300 – €900, depending on the Vehicle Group/Segment, to the Renter’s credit card as a pre-authorization to cover the excess. and any damages. If the Lessee returns the Vehicle in the same conditions in which it was picked up, the blocked amount will be returned. In the event of a new claim, a claims administration fee will be charged, regardless of the amount set out in the “Damage, Theft and/or Loss and Related Services Pricing Table”. All Groups/Segments have compulsory and voluntary civil liability up to EUR 1,000,000, individual accidents and legal defence.

9.1 Coverage

Wheels and Windows (CGT): By contracting this method, the Tenant will be able to enjoy the peace of mind of covering any damage to windows and wheels, which are the most sensitive to unforeseen events due to their use. Their improper use is not considered. The cost of this service is detailed in the attached Appendix. Road assistance (CAR) PREMIUM: This coverage covers the 24-hour telephone service by calling the following telephone number: +34 604448000, the change or replacement of the Vehicle that is the subject of the accident, road assistance with towing, moving to the scene of the accident in as soon as possible (it will not apply if the said accident was the result of the Renter’s negligence or the accident or the stopping of the Vehicle due to the crimes or crimes committed with it, specified in points 11 and 12). The cost of this service is detailed in the attached Appendix. PREMIUM MAJOR CARS COVER: this type of cover covers Wheels and windows and removal of excess, those contained in the “Damage, Theft and/or Loss Price Table and Related Services”, in addition to the suppression of the administration fee for claims management, differentiation between different Groups/ Segments. The cost of this service is detailed in the attached Appendix. ORIGIN OF PREMIUM MAJOR CARS ACCESSORIES: this type of coverage purchased at the source when making a reservation covers the Wheels and windows and the removal of the excess, the content of the “Damage, theft and/or loss price table and related services”, in addition to the suppression of the administrative fee for claims management, differentiation between different Groups/Segments. The cost of this service is detailed in the attached Appendix. Young driver, aged between 18 and 25. The cost of this service is detailed in the attached Appendix. Second Driver: An optional extra for a second person to drive the vehicle. The cost of this service is detailed in the attached Appendix. Third Driver: An optional extra for a third person to drive the vehicle. The cost of this service is detailed in the attached Appendix.

9.2 General exclusions of coverages and corresponding surcharges

All detailed coverages do not include the following services related to damage to the Vehicle, in relation to: Structural elements; low; interior and exterior equipment. This list is for informational purposes only, due to its length we refer to the “Price Table for Damage, Theft and/or Loss and Related Services” where all possible damage, theft and/or loss and related services are detailed with prices their respective Said table is exposed to the public at MAJOR CARS facilities, websites or any other means that the Owner considers, the content of which he expressly acknowledges before signing this Agreement. All prices will be indicated in euros (€) and will be those for which any damages, thefts, losses and related services are charged on the invoice issued in the name of the Lessee. None of the coverage options will cover damage to the Insured Vehicle as a result of: wars, natural disasters and phenomena (hail, blizzard or others), terrorism, rebellion or insurrection; the actions of the State Security Bodies and Forces, negligence on the part of the Renter, the abandonment, accident or stoppage of the Vehicle due to crimes or crimes committed with it and any other activity provided for in points 11 and 12. These damages and Damages Related to the services will be paid by the renter . Coverage does not cover personal effects left, stored or carried in the vehicle under any circumstances. DEPOSIT / DEPOSIT: Regardless of the cover contracted, a deposit will be blocked on your card as a guarantee of your obligations with MAJOR CARS, as well as a guarantee of any liability arising during your rental period. owes to be assumed by the lessee. The deposit announcement will be made by blocking your card which, if there is no incident related to the rental and/or the vehicle you benefit from, the pre-authorized or blocked amount will be released within a maximum of 30 days from the conclusion of your contract. . The amount of the deposit is determined according to the category/segment of the vehicle reserved with MAJOR CARS, the differentiation between Group 1/Group 2/Group 3 and Group 4.

10. In case of accident, criminal act or vandalism (see point 11) committed against the Vehicle

The tenant is obliged to:
a. Report the incident to the police immediately.
b. Complete an amicable accident report according to the official model found in Motor Vehicle, indicating at least the registration number, the name and address of the opposing party as well as the name of the insurer and, when possible, the number of the insurance policy.
c. Concisely and accurately describe the accident and, if applicable, note the names of witnesses.
d. Do not prejudge or admit any responsibility for the accident and do not leave the Vehicle without taking adequate measures to protect it from further damage by leaving it locked and not disturbing traffic.
e. Immediately report the accident to MAJOR CARS by calling the emergency telephone number: +34 604 448 000. In the event of an accident or criminal act, the Lessor will not be obliged to offer the Lessee another vehicle for rent. The Lessor will receive as processing the management of each accident report. The lessor can offer you a new vehicle, in the current conditions and at the indicated time, in order to replace the vehicle that was the object of the accident, criminal or vandal act. In this situation, the Contract will be considered terminated between the two parties, the Owner and the Tenant, and the Tenant must pay the Owner all expenses derived from the Contract.

11. Examples of criminal or vandal acts committed against the Vehicle are:

  • Robbery or theft of the Vehicle.
  • Theft or theft of exterior or interior parts of the Vehicle, such as wheels, tires or seats.
  • Theft with force causing damage to the windows or the body of the Vehicle.
  • Vandalism against the vehicle.

The above list is for illustrative purposes only, not limitation.

12. Unauthorized use of the Vehicle

It will be the Lessee’s obligation to use the Vehicle with due diligence and care, in accordance with its characteristics, respecting the traffic regulations in force for motor vehicles and avoiding, in any case, any situation that could cause damage. to the Vehicle or to third parties. Similarly, in any case, if the provisions of this point are not respected, it will be understood that an unauthorized use has been made. It is the Lessee’s obligation not to allow anyone other than those authorized to drive the vehicle. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED INSIDE THE VEHICLE. MAJOR CARS shall not be liable for any damage or failure of goods or items carried. Indemnifying the lessor against any damage or defect resulting from the driving of the vehicle or in the event of loss or accident during the rental period.

13. Traffic violations

The tenant will be responsible for paying fines during the rental period. The Renter must inform the Lessor of any fine imposed on the Vehicle or the driver during the rental period. The Landlord will always charge for the notification and handling of the notification of fines for penalties against the Tenant. The payment of fines is not included in any of the covers that can be taken out. If the authorities detain the Vehicle due to an act or omission of the Renter, regardless of the cause, the Renter will be responsible for and compensate the Lessor for all expenses and lost profits incurred as a result.

14. Joint and several liability

All renters and/or additional drivers will be jointly and severally liable for all obligations assumed by the renter in the Contract and all applicable legislation.

15. Fuel Policy

At the time of making the reservation and depending on the rate selected by the Renter, one of the following options will be applied: a) Full/Reimbursable: The Renter will pay 100% of the advance at the Check-Out of the Vehicle, checking with the Lessor at the Vehicle Registration the fuel level of tank at this moment, proceeding to return the fuel remaining in the tank according to the eight-eighths mark, minus the costs of managing the refueling b) Full/Full: At Check-Out, the Owner undertakes to deliver the Vehicle tank full, while the Renter will hire to return it full at Check-In. If the Lessor’s filling obligation is not fulfilled, the Lessee may request at Check-Out that the Vehicle be delivered with a full tank, if he does not claim it at that time it will be understood that he is satisfied. . If, on the contrary, the tenant was the one who did not comply at Check-In, an expense will be charged for the management of the refill plus the missing liter until reaching 100% of the deposit.

16. Permitted Territory

The Vehicle may only be driven within the national territory of Spain. The Vehicle may not be shipped or transported by any means of transport, except with prior and reliable written authorization from the Lessor. It is reported that some of our vehicles have geolocators and if they are detected to have exceeded the allowed territory, it will be considered a breach of the Contract and the Lessor may charge the Lessee for the damages and losses caused, terminating this contract immediately. for breach of contract by the lessee and take appropriate legal action. The cost of this service is detailed in the attached Appendix.

17. Permitted mileage

The mileage allowed is 300 km per day during the rental period, with a maximum of 3,000 km per contract. Only if the Vehicle is exceeded or used after the conclusion of the Contract, an additional mileage fee will be charged.

18. Additional and supplementary services

Speedy Check In: is the fast delivery service of the Vehicle and a single price will be paid for each service. The cost of this service is detailed in the attached Appendix.

18.1. Supplements

The lessor will provide you with the seat for the baby and child at the cost established in the table of extras. GPS: The lessor offers you the plus of a GPS below the cost established in the table of extras.

19. Payment

All services will be paid in advance by credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD), debit or cash at our facilities. For security reasons, you must pre-authorize a deposit assessed under the conditions established in points 9 and 9.2. . Payment for bookings through our website can only be made using the credit or debit cards indicated above. The method of capturing the deposit and deductible will only be made through the credit card that is provided to the Owner by the Renter or additional driver.


Processing of personal data. According to GDPR 2016/679, it is reported that the personal data collected here will be incorporated into files owned by RICH ACEITE S.L (MAJOR CARS) The personal data collected will be processed in order to process the contract and everything related to it.


In the case of providing personal data held by third parties, you declare that you have the consent of those affected to do so, informing them in advance of the content of this privacy policy.


I expressly accept that the data contained in the Contract may be transferred to keep me informed, either by e-mail or by any other means, about operational and commercial information and to carry out opinion studies about the products and services offered by MAJOR CARS, with whom it collaborates, related to the leisure, insurance, financial and automotive sectors, being able to consult our privacy policy in more detail on our website.


Those affected can exercise their rights of access, rectification, limitation, deletion and opposition by writing accompanied by a copy of the identity document and addressed to the address already indicated or to the e-mail address: majorcars.calpe@gmail.com.

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